Terms of business

Terms of business Nina Nu Media Sweden

Information:   from SEK 2.000 for up to 100 words
Commercial:   from SEK 2.000 for a local radio spot, one year of exposure.
Prices include voice, studio, editing and naming of up to five audio files and one year of backup in our archive.
Discounts for multiple recordings at the same time.

You pay for
Fast delivery, high quality, professionalism, audio files ready for use, quality control and peace of mind. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What kind of production is it? How, where and during what period is it going to be used?
Please remember to specify time for each prompt if needed, in the script. Spoken Swedish usually needs more time than spoken English.
What tempo and style do you want? Who is the audience? When is your deadline? What is your budget? Do you need the audio to be synced with video?

We communicate primarily via email, so all communication is saved and dealt with. Use our voice samples for your clients. If needed we can record a short test. If the test is used in production, it will be considered as an order. For other exposure a new deal has to be done.

Send us your script when it is approved, preferably in .docx format, only with the parts you want us to record, including slating/numbers or file names if wanted. We can start as soon as we have a complete agreement via e-mail, including the reference number for the project.

We record in our own professional studio, but if you wish, we can come to you. If you want us to emphasize specific words, please underline them in the text. If you want certain pronunciations, please specify what language to pronounce in, phonetic spelling or a pronunciation guide. If words or expressions are not obvious or specifically stated, we will guess. Re-recordings due to our mistakes are of course free of charge. Re-recordings due to changes in script, add-ons or not specified pronunciations will be charged. Please also indicate what style, tempo or other requirements you have. For the benefit of the voiceover creation process, we prefer to record by ourselves. We always provide a few different takes and if you’re not satisfied, we will re-record. We only do live sessions as an exception with an extra cost. Preferable is SessionLinkPro.

We will send you one large, raw but clean, edited audio file with a 3 – 4 seconds pause between the prompts. We always clean the recordings from retakes, mistakes, heavy breaths etc. Please state specifically if you want us to remove ALL breathing in the editing. If you want the audio cut into more than five different files or synced to more than one video, an extra charge for the studio time will be added. We also produce music backgrounds if needed.

Format according to your request via email or ftp, usually within 24 hours. Please confirm your approval of the audio file asap.

Sometimes errors are found in the script, and a retake is needed. If the mistake is ours, we will of course re-record without extra charge.
However, if your client wants to make changes after the recording, an extra charge will be added.

Recording of a script is considered approved when entered into production, was confirmed verbally or via e-mail, consensus was clear or response within a reasonable time did not occur. If you have any complaints, they must be made without delay.

Within Sweden: Bankgiro 621-6071
International: IBAN: SE928 000 082 420 003 852 8527 BIC: SWEDSESS
If bank transfer does not apply, please use PayPal: richard @ ninanu.nu

Invoices are to be paid within 30 days. If not, an extra charge will be added accordingly.
If you reside within the EU, we need your VAT registration number to avoid Swedish taxes.
Our bank address is: Roslagens Sparbank, Danskes Gränd 2, SE-761 23 Norrtälje, SWEDEN

All material and information provided from you or Nina Nu Media Sweden is considered confidential.

The foundation of the best results is a good script
Remember to work through the script and language before sending it to us!

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