Don LaFontaines legendary ”Five guys in a limo”- and our Swedish version, for a good laugh!
We are many in this industry who over the years were inspired by the American voiceover legend Don Lafontaine’s cult video, “Five guys in a limo”, where he promotes five of the most famous American voiceovers.

When we began to produce the Swedish version, there were many things that had to be adapted to Swedish culture. If Don LaFontaine was “In a world …” with the whole world, then Hans Villius was “The year is … ” with the entire Swedish population.

Being the voice of Google maps for years creates a myth.
Professional music artists made songs to Nina Nu as the GPS voice:

Frida Andersson 2023: ”Nina”
“Nina, Nina, jag känner mig så trygg i dina händer. Nina, Nina, jag vill leva som du en dag i sänder. Du är alltid mitt i nuet, fast du är uppkopplad jämt. Nina, Nina, jag älskar hur du kör med mig.”
“Nina, Nina, I feel so safe in your hands. Nina, Nina, I want to live like you one day at a time. You are always in the middle of the moment, even though you are connected all the time. Nina, Nina, I love the way you ride with me.” Spotify

Robin Paulsson 2017: ”Perfect”
”Your voice is running through my head, it’s showing me the way, that’s how I know you are perfect. You are giving me no choice, I’m lost without your voice. I know I love you babe, when you say: Fortsätt rakt fram. Gör en U-sväng. Om 50 meter, sväng höger.” Spotify

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