Web promos

Boost your marketing with web promos!

Nina Nu Media Sweden also offers a new, effective and cheap way for you to get a short web video, that quickly presents you and your company. We provide good background music, extra subtitles, a high quality sound and a professional voiceover that gives authenticity to your message. You take the photos and write the short script. We do the rest.
Quick, easy, inexpensive!

A webb promo is a simple way to refresh your message and news flow.
On Facebook a video is shared up to 10 times more, than just text!
YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google!

Use our 7 steps:

1. Write
You know your company best. Write around six sentences about what you offer. Underline the most important words. If you need translation into Swedish, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Bring out the most important, short and to the point!

2. Ponder
Think of what images will present your company best. Get ideas from your web presentation. Follow your script. Make sure that text and images correlate.
3. Shoot
The quality of smartphones today is quite good for a short web promo.
Keep your phone/camera in landscape format, shoot in daylight and keep it as still as possible. Make some tests. Focus on the products, the environment, situations, services etc.
4. Audio
Prices include voiceover Nina Nu and Nina Nu Media in-house voices. Choose among our music backgrounds or use one of your own. Make sure it´s royalty free or that you have the rights.
Voiceover: Swedish top professional voiceover Nina Nu

Scandinavian English voiceover Nina Nu

German voiceover Richard Wesemeyer

5. Collect
Put photos, script and a note of your music background choice in a folder on your computer. Right-click and compress (zip). Don’t forget your loggo – as a jpg. Make sure they all have the highest quality and that you are satisfied with them.
6. Send
Use sprend.com or wetransfer.com and send the compressed file to technix @ ninanu.nu.

7. The result: web promo!
Once we received your folder, we make the film, add voiceover, music and texting. After you approved the promo, we put it up on YouTube for you, and you can start to share the link!

Price: 6.500:- SEK (discount when ordering more than one web promo at once.)
Delivery: about one week
Usage: no limits

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