Voice coach


Voice coaching with Swedish top voiceover Nina Nu

Do you want to work as a voice over and develop your possibilities?
Maybe you’re an actor who needs an extra job?
Or you feel you have a good voice and want to try something new?

Book a day in our studio with Nina Nu and crew. We will teach you, give you tips and help you train your voice for communication. We will let you try different scripts and coach you all the way to a finished high quality demo with your best voice samples. With this demo you will be able to participate in auditions for the desired voice over jobs. We will also teach you about the business and how to get started. Bring a high quality personal photo for the presentation.

Nina Nu has worked as a full time voiceover and coach for more than 20 years. She has done hundreds of productions for radio, TV, e-learning, IVR, GPS, documentaries and much more. She works together with sound engineer and designer Richard Wesemeyer. Together they are a strong team that can bring the best out of each persons voice in media sound communication, in their studio in Gnesta, that you reach by pendeltåg one hour from Stockholm.

2022: We now offer online classes, in a five week period, with lessons of about 40 minutes. (SEK 4.500:-)
You will feel more secure about your voice communication, your stronger and weaker sides. You will feel more comfortable about listening to yourself and more free about expressing yourself.

  • Introduction, live, zoom.
  • We will send you different scripts and you’ll record them by simply using your smartphone or other available techniques.
  • Send those files to us and you’ll get our feedback.
  • You record again according to our feedback.
  • Send a good photo of you, suitable for presentation and we’ll create a showreel for you.

If you have any questions, please send us an email!

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